Pre-Season Odds and Ends

British Columbia. How? Why?

This is what’s on my mind. Certainly I’m not the only one. If you are on Facebook and happen to live in the lower 48, you are thinking this too. The questions aren’t rational, I know. We know that Canada gets much more snow and much earlier in the year, but I can’t help being distraught that “they” (the Canadians) have been riding multiple times and we barely have a skiff of snow on most peaks.

So what do we do…get our sleds out, look at them for a long time, and obsess over every pre-season prep detail! I bet you are in the same boat. So…

  1. I stumbled into a new technique that I thought was pretty cool. You may know about img_0845this, but I sure didn’t. So here is the problem. On my sled, there is a non-black plastic piece directly behind the exhaust cutout. Over time, this area has accumulated a bunch of exhaust residue and other crap. I’ve tried to clean it off in a similar manner to the rest of my sled in the past with no luck. I decided to try…Tire Black from Armorall. The first time I put it on, for a minute or so, I saw just enough progress to try again. The second time, I let the chemicals soak for 15 minutes. And then…I brought out the secret weapon…a potato scrubber I picked up a img_0846few years ago out of my wife’s kitchen using the old five-finger-discount. This “tool” is handy for many mechanical cleaning duties. Light scrubbing with this dandy was just the ticket. The picture above is actually after cleaning for awhile. You’ll have to trust me, it looks much better, and I am oddly satisfied (hence this post).


2. Pre-Season Checklist

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Labor Day ride with my boys

This is how we have a good time together. Each at their own pace, we’ve found a pretty good system for the little guys to have fun on the trail while Dad does as well, just in a little different way. Check it out.

HMK Cascade Bib

It seems like there are a handful of companies that dominate the mountain snowmobile gear industry. We like to venture outside of just those brands to give other companies a try. So when I ripped my previous pair of pants, a pair of North Face pants which had a good run, I decided to test the HMK Cascade Bib.

untitled shoot-8887

Please note that we have no vested interest in HMK–if we ever do, we’ll clearly state any connection we have. We will stay as unbiased and neutral as possible. We simply want to pass on what we’ve learned. We also hope that you’ll share your experience with the products we review in a comment at the end of the review. 

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509 Tactical Snow Helmet

I’ve been looking into a few different helmets over the past few months. There are so many high quality, good looking helmets on the market. I don’t think you can go wrong if you exercise some thought. But, when I got the 509 Tactical helmet I was very pleased with what I saw. Here’s how it arrived.


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Road Trip Part 2: Seeley Lake, Montana

This is part two of our road trip to three different locations; Lincoln, MT, Seeley Lake, MT, and Island Park, ID.

After a rough day of low snow levels and wet, heavy slush, we were ready to load up and head south (that just sounds weird). That night sitting around the dinner table at our friend’s ranch house, we were surprised to hear that the Seeley Lake area SNOTEL (North Fork Jocko) was showing significantly more snow than the Lincoln area had. We were skeptical, but decided to give it a run! Continue reading “Road Trip Part 2: Seeley Lake, Montana”

Road Trip Part 1: Lincoln, MT

This is part one of our road trip to three different locations; Lincoln, MT, Seeley Lake, MT, and Island Park, ID.

An amazing view looking back toward Lincoln, MT

In our quest for the most exciting backcountry mountain riding, we descended upon a spot well off the beaten path in Lincoln, MT. Surrounded by the Bob Marshall Wilderness to the north and the Scapegoat Wilderness to the south, the mountain exploring doesn’t get much wilder than this… Continue reading “Road Trip Part 1: Lincoln, MT”

509 Backcountry Glove

Here at Rocky Mtn Pursuit, we’ve had great experiences with gloves. I wasn’t really looking to leave my pair of Cabela’s (scoff at the non-sledding brand if you must, but we use what works best whether it is made by the coolest companies or not) GoreTex gloves behind, but I was excited to give the 509 Backcountry glove a shot.


We’ve told you in the past that if we have a vested interest in any of the products or companies being reviewed that we’d let you know. Full disclosure, 509 sent this product to us to review. Regardless of this connection, we are always in pursuit of the best gear. The following is an unbiased review of the pros and cons of this product from the perspective of true backcountry mountain sledders. 

The picture below shows the product as it would come straight off the rack.

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