Road Trip Part 2: Seeley Lake, Montana

This is part two of our road trip to three different locations; Lincoln, MT, Seeley Lake, MT, and Island Park, ID.

After a rough day of low snow levels and wet, heavy slush, we were ready to load up and head south (that just sounds weird). That night sitting around the dinner table at our friend’s ranch house, we were surprised to hear that the Seeley Lake area SNOTEL (North Fork Jocko) was showing significantly more snow than the Lincoln area had. We were skeptical, but decided to give it a run! Continue reading “Road Trip Part 2: Seeley Lake, Montana”

Road Trip Part 1: Lincoln, MT

This is part one of our road trip to three different locations; Lincoln, MT, Seeley Lake, MT, and Island Park, ID.

An amazing view looking back toward Lincoln, MT

In our quest for the most exciting backcountry mountain riding, we descended upon a spot well off the beaten path in Lincoln, MT. Surrounded by the Bob Marshall Wilderness to the north and the Scapegoat Wilderness to the south, the mountain exploring doesn’t get much wilder than this… Continue reading “Road Trip Part 1: Lincoln, MT”

509 Backcountry Glove

Here at Rocky Mtn Pursuit, we’ve had great experiences with gloves. I wasn’t really looking to leave my pair of Cabela’s (scoff at the non-sledding brand if you must, but we use what works best whether it is made by the coolest companies or not) GoreTex gloves behind, but I was excited to give the 509 Backcountry glove a shot.


We’ve told you in the past that if we have a vested interest in any of the products or companies being reviewed that we’d let you know. Full disclosure, 509 sent this product to us to review. Regardless of this connection, we are always in pursuit of the best gear. The following is an unbiased review of the pros and cons of this product from the perspective of true backcountry mountain sledders. 

The picture below shows the product as it would come straight off the rack.

2016-02-25_0004 Continue reading “509 Backcountry Glove”

Wasatch Mtn State Park

When talking about chasing snow it makes sense to visit the area where 4 of the top 10 ski areas in the U.S. for snowfall reside…the Wasatch Mountains. This is an amazing place with towering peaks, giant bowls, and canyon after canyon to explore. This in combination with the ridiculous amount of annual snowfall takes this destination near the top of our list of best places to ride.

Mt. Timpanogos in the Wasatch Mtn Range

Continue reading “Wasatch Mtn State Park”

Beaver Creek in Logan Canyon, Utah

The Beaver Creek area is frequented by many, but few know about the quality of riding a few miles off the beaten path. As this is an area that we have some experience with, we’ll share the back-country areas that we can’t get enough of. If you have been here before, share your experiences in a comment below. 



This place has some of the best tree riding around. It always seems to have more snow than surrounding areas as well. And to top it off, it holds one of our all time favorite spots…a small canyon that tends to occupy our entire day. Continue reading “Beaver Creek in Logan Canyon, Utah”

Pinedale, Wyoming

The riding in Pinedale, Wyoming, actually closer to Daniel, Wyoming, is famous across the western United States for miles of boondocking, hillclimbing, and powder filled bowls. With countless peaks and snow covered ridges as far as you can see, the riding in the Wyoming Range is well worth the trip. As always, we are always pursuing the best information about the areas we ride. Please add information about your knowledge and experience in the comments at the bottom of this post.

Wyoming Range back-country

Directions to the Trail-head: Coming from any direction, you’ll want to get to Daniel Junction and turn west on state road 354 Continue reading “Pinedale, Wyoming”