Wasatch Mountains, 2017


Steamboat (Clark), Colorado

Had an excellent ride in Steamboat, Colorado this week. I left my camera running during lunch…the best riding BY FAR was after lunch. Typical crap with technology. It was unreal snow and terrain, but of course, wasn’t able to capture it on the Go Pro. You’ll have to settle for this. Enjoy watching a regular dude ride his sled!

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First Ride of the Year!

We headed to Wolf Creek, Utah. I’ve been nervous and jittery all month hoping for snow conditions to improve. I was cautiously optimistic this week…really grateful and excited about what we found! For some reason, the goggle fogging was ridiculously bad. We went through 2-3 pair of goggles throughout the day. Can’t complain though. Here is a quick edit of the ride.

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Road Trip Part 2: Seeley Lake, Montana

This is part two of our road trip to three different locations; Lincoln, MT, Seeley Lake, MT, and Island Park, ID.

After a rough day of low snow levels and wet, heavy slush, we were ready to load up and head south (that just sounds weird). That night sitting around the dinner table at our friend’s ranch house, we were surprised to hear that the Seeley Lake area SNOTEL (North Fork Jocko) was showing significantly more snow than the Lincoln area had. We were skeptical, but decided to give it a run! Continue reading “Road Trip Part 2: Seeley Lake, Montana”

Road Trip Part 1: Lincoln, MT

This is part one of our road trip to three different locations; Lincoln, MT, Seeley Lake, MT, and Island Park, ID.

An amazing view looking back toward Lincoln, MT

In our quest for the most exciting backcountry mountain riding, we descended upon a spot well off the beaten path in Lincoln, MT. Surrounded by the Bob Marshall Wilderness to the north and the Scapegoat Wilderness to the south, the mountain exploring doesn’t get much wilder than this… Continue reading “Road Trip Part 1: Lincoln, MT”