Deep in the Backcountry (maybe too deep)

Today, we went to retrieve a broke down sled. We stumbled into some impressive snow. In between shuttling sleds, we dropped off a steep mountain into a foggy, thickly treed canyon. We were flat lost for a while. Changed our ETA slightly, err, a lot. With the help of the Polaris app, our BCA radios, and a lot of searching, we made it out! Funny now, concerning at the moment. Be safe out there! Here is some of our day.

Steamboat (Clark), Colorado

Had an excellent ride in Steamboat, Colorado this week. I left my camera running during lunch…the best riding BY FAR was after lunch. Typical crap with technology. It was unreal snow and terrain, but of course, wasn’t able to capture it on the Go Pro. You’ll have to settle for this. Enjoy watching a regular dude ride his sled!

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First Ride of the Year!

We headed to Wolf Creek, Utah. I’ve been nervous and jittery all month hoping for snow conditions to improve. I was cautiously optimistic this week…really grateful and excited about what we found! For some reason, the goggle fogging was ridiculously bad. We went through 2-3 pair of goggles throughout the day. Can’t complain though. Here is a quick edit of the ride.

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Are You in Shape to Ride?

IMG_0096Forehead sweating, goggles fogging, gasping for air, barely lifting one foot in front of the other through the snow around your sled, finally removing your helmet to come back to life. Aching shoulders, jello arms, fatigued thighs, sore core, waking up the next morning wondering how that machine that you love so much could’ve caused you this pain! Does this sound familiar. I think we’ve all been there. Whether it is digging out your sled (or a buddy’s), hiking up to retrieve your sled from a dismount, or simply pounding a beautiful day of pow, this snowmobiling thing is tiring. Despite popular belief, mostly among jack-wagons riding trail sleds, sledding is one giant smile-inducing workout.

Last fall I was finally ahead of the game…and it made all the difference. Let me share with you my regimen, why it is my regimen, and how I designed it. I am no world-class strength coach, but I do have a fair amount of experience in the area of strength coaching. We’ll start with a functional analysis of the maneuvers we all do when back country mountain sledding and the muscles required to perform them. I will then show you exercises to ensure those muscles are developed along with sets, reps, and duration.

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