About Us

Let’s start with what we are not–we are not the world’s best riders. We’ll leave that to Chris Burandt, Caleb Kesterke, etc. We are a couple of normal dudes who are extremely passionate about sleds, deep snow, high quality gear, technical back-country tree riding, “snow chasing” road trips, and finding the coolest places to ride. We are two brothers and our sons who are constantly in pursuit of the best snow, riding areas, trails, gear, equipment, and accommodations. See what we see and learn what we learn through our journey–we call it our “Rocky Mtn Pursuit.”

Cody Reutzel

Snowmobiling is the obsession that fills the spare time I have between working as a school administrator, raising four children, and spending time with my amazing wife (who is teaching me a lot about this whole blogging thing). It provides a chance to unwind and decompress. It fulfills my desire to explore the unknown. It’s an opportunity to spend time with my brother and other friends. It is my passion.


Sled: 2017 Ski-Doo Summit X 165″

Preferred Terrain: Mountain tree riding, anything technical

Off-Season Activities: Fly-fishing, single track dirt biking, college football, any adventure my friends are chasing

Austin Reutzel

After growing up skiing and snowboarding, I started sledding at 16 years old and have never looked back. In the winter I have a few things on my mind; 1. family 2. work 3. sledding 4. finding a way to combine numbers 2 and 3. Snowmobiling satisfies my wild side, allows me to push the limits, and challenges me to do the impossible (my bro can attest to this as he is usually the one digging me out). It is a great way to spend time with friends, family, and the occasional cool stranger.



Sled: 2013 Ski-Doo Summit XP 154″

Preferred Terrain: Any deep powder, any challenge

Off-Season Activities: Horse pack trips, fly-fishing, bird hunting