Deep in the Backcountry (maybe too deep)

Today, we went to retrieve a broke down sled. We stumbled into some impressive snow. In between shuttling sleds, we dropped off a steep mountain into a foggy, thickly treed canyon. We were flat lost for a while. Changed our ETA slightly, err, a lot. With the help of the Polaris app, our BCA radios, and a lot of searching, we made it out! Funny now, concerning at the moment. Be safe out there! Here is some of our day.

2 thoughts on “Deep in the Backcountry (maybe too deep)

  1. Awesome riding, I have never seen any of those spots at Wolf Creek, would like to find them though, nice wide open trees..

    I like what you guys are doing and if you ever need help with the website or logo I can help out since it is what I do for a living. Would also like to ride, I got a 12 Doo 800..

    Hit me up,

    Erik Jessen

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    1. Yeah, I hear people say all the time that Wolf Creek is “tracked out.” We’ve never been over and not found tons of good snow! I could use some help on the logo. E-mail me at and we’ll talk.


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