509 Backcountry Glove

Here at Rocky Mtn Pursuit, we’ve had great experiences with gloves. I wasn’t really looking to leave my pair of Cabela’s (scoff at the non-sledding brand if you must, but we use what works best whether it is made by the coolest companies or not) GoreTex gloves behind, but I was excited to give the 509 Backcountry glove a shot.


We’ve told you in the past that if we have a vested interest in any of the products or companies being reviewed that we’d let you know. Full disclosure, 509 sent this product to us to review. Regardless of this connection, we are always in pursuit of the best gear. The following is an unbiased review of the pros and cons of this product from the perspective of true backcountry mountain sledders. 

The picture below shows the product as it would come straight off the rack.


Cost: $99.95 on the 509 website. You may be able to find them for less, but we weren’t able to.

Perceived Quality: These gloves look and feel very high quality. Based on look, there isn’t much to lead a person to believe anything other than this is a quality product.

Aesthetics: I have had a pair of black gloves with brown leather trim for as long as I can remember. I prefer that look. I do wish 509 would make this glove with a brown leather option. But I do have to say that the all black coloring has grown on me. The small 509 accents and leather impressions on the glove look good. It isn’t too busy and looks clean and sleek. Not much more you can ask for from a glove in this department.

Features: There aren’t a lot of features to mention about a glove. In fact, if there are, I 509 (6)don’t want them. This is a simple and straight forward glove, as you’d expect from a true riding glove. It doesn’t have a goggle wiper, which I hate anyway. But there is one feature that I love…the cuff bungee clip is super easy to use, even with your gloves still on. See the review video above to see what I mean.

Comfort/Fit: The interior of the glove is very soft and comfortable. The fit seems true to what you’d expect. I typically wear a medium (no jokes about hand size here) and the medium fit me great. While riding I never noticed any discomfort or problems. To me, the best glove is like a good referee, one that you never notice. This glove met the task here. I would prefer that the cuff length were slightly shorter, but that is simply personal preference. I am sure that on really deep days, I won’t mind!


Warmth/Waterproofing: The warmth rating of this glove is very high. My fingers stayed warm all day everyday that I wore them. The only downside is that on warm days, you might want a different set of gloves. Truly, I am not sure you’ll ever find a glove that will do it all anyway. I also can’t complain about water seepage either. They seem to be “waterproof.” I love GoreTex, but from my experience, I can’t rate these any lower than any GoreTex gloves I’ve tested.

Dexterity: This might be a distinguishing feature of these gloves. They feel much thinner in the sense of dexterity than the warmth they provide. For a “cold day” glove, the maneuverability of these gloves is phenomenal. I’ve had other gloves that are so thick that they take some time to break-in. Others have been miserable the first day while stretching them to fit my hand correctly. The 509 Backcountry glove is fit great and provided awesome dexterity from the moment I put them on.

Durability: We do not rate this category until after one season’s use. Check back next year around February for an analysis following significant use.

Final Thoughts: Not a lot to dislike about this glove. I would definitely recommend it. It has great feel and dexterity without a ton of bulk. It looks good too. Although, maybe we can lobby 509 to give a brown leather option.

Let Rocky Mtn Pursuit know what you’ve experienced with this product by commenting below!

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