Beaver Creek in Logan Canyon, Utah

The Beaver Creek area is frequented by many, but few know about the quality of riding a few miles off the beaten path. As this is an area that we have some experience with, we’ll share the back-country areas that we can’t get enough of. If you have been here before, share your experiences in a comment below. 



This place has some of the best tree riding around. It always seems to have more snow than surrounding areas as well. And to top it off, it holds one of our all time favorite spots…a small canyon that tends to occupy our entire day.

Location: Cache National Forest in Logan Canyon, Utah, very near the Idaho border.

Trail-head: There are two main parking areas to access the Beaver Creek trail system. Both are on right hand side of state road 243 which goes to Beaver Mountain Ski Area. State road 243 is only about a mile long and connects to highway 89 near the Beaver Creek Lodge. Both lots are less than a half mile off of highway 89. Parking is free of charge.


Directions to the Trail-head: From Logan you simply head east off main street on 400 North/highway 89 for 27.8 miles. Turn left at the sign for Beaver Mountain Ski Area and you are there. IMG_0261

From the Bear Lake side (Garden City) you head west on highway 89 over the summit for 11.4 miles and take a right at the Beaver Mountain Ski Area sign.


Here are the distances between some notable locations in the area.

Logan to Beaver Creek: 27.8 mi

Garden City to Beaver Creek: 11.4 mi

SLC to Logan: 82.3 mi

Pocatello to Logan: 95.4 mi

Terrain/Ride Details: 

Click here to see a detailed trail map of the area. Refer to the trail legend below.

  • B. Sinks Trail 27.6 Miles
  • E. Temple Canyon 4.9 Miles
  • F. Garden City 6.7 Miles
  • G. Amazon Trail 6 Miles
  • H. Beaver Creek 14.6 Miles
  • I. Franklin Basin 12.1 Miles
  • L. Tony Grove 6.8 Miles
  • N. Danish Pass 5.9 Miles
  • O. Cub River 7.6 Miles
  • P. St. Charles 11.3 Miles

Here is a video of the parking area and the trail  from the trail-head all the way to our favorite areas.


All went well except the time when my bro almost ran me over…

Area Information

Nearest Snotel: There are a few near this area, but the Tony Grove Lake site generally gives the best indication of the snow depth where we ride. Click here to view the Tony Grove Lake snotel. If you are new to Snotel, simply select Daily or Hourly in the “Time Series” box toward the bottom and then choose last 30 days, last 7 days, or  last 24 hours in the yellow box. Now, click on the “View Current” button. Enjoy the joys of modern weather technology!

This site will also give you top notch info about the weather in this area, click here.

Snowmobile Registration: Since you will be riding in Utah and Idaho, make sure to be legal in both states.

From the website, “owners of snowmobiles, brought into Utah by non-residents, must obtain a non-resident permit for their machine. To obtain a non-resident permit, you must provide proof of out-of-state residency and that the OHV is not owned by a Utah resident. The cost for a 12-month permit is $30.”

Idaho permits cost $32.50 and cover your sled from November 1 to October 31 of the following year.

Click here for a list of vendors who offer Utah out-of state permits.

Click here for a list of vendors who offer Idaho out-of-state permits. Scroll to the last page to see the vendors in Utah that offer the Idaho permits.

Fuel: Ethanol-free fuel is found less commonly in Utah than some other states we’ve visited, especially if you’re looking for 91 octane. If you find a place with ethanol-free 91 octane anywhere along the way, you may want to take advantage. Here are your fuel options.


Logan: Jardine Petro/Sinclair-1070 West 200 North w/91 octane OR Ted’s Service-3180 US Hwy 89/91 S w/91 octane

Garden City: Bear Lake Chevron-604 West Logan Rd w/91 octane

Regular 91 Octane: You’ll see plenty of gas stations along the way as you approach Logan Canyon from either side of the mountain. Last chance from Logan will be in Logan city. From the Bear Lake side, the Bear Lake Chevron at the base of the mountain will be your last chance.

Hotel/Accommodations: A simple Google search of hotels in Logan will return dozens of results. It is really up to your preference and budget. If you would prefer to lodge closer to the trail-head there are options in the Bear Lake area as well. Check out The Lodge Motel, Blue Water Resort, The Sunrise Resort at Harbor Village, or WorldMark Bear Lake. If you are interested in sledding to your room door, the Beaver Creek Lodge has a remarkable facility. Click here to check out their website.


Nearby Snowmobile Shops:

Renegade Sports (Polaris/Ski-Doo), 1903 South 800 West, Logan, Hours: 9a-6p Tuesday-Saturday/closed Sunday and Monday

Cache Honda Yamaha, 3665 North Hwy 91, North Logan, Hours:

Motorsports Unleashed, 3444 North Main Street, North Logan, Hours: 9a-6p Monday-Saturday/closed Sunday

More Area Information: 

Local Snowmobile Club, click here.

Grooming/Conditions Report, click here

Final Review for the Beaver Creek: This area has some many things right. Generally tons of snow, great tree riding, plenty of steep areas, and a pretty large city within 45 minutes. The only downside we have experienced is the amount of traffic that flows through the main trail and the trail ride time to get to the good stuff. The encouraging news is that most people don’t get far off the main trail…partly because there are a lot of cool areas right off the main trail. If you venture into the real backcountry, you will be rewarded. Just remember to be safe, carry a beacon, shovel, probe, and a trustworthy buddy or two.

This place takes us back to the roots of our Rocky Mountain Pursuit! I think it will get you as excited as it does us. Plan a trip, and then send us some pics and tell us your story!

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