Deep in the Backcountry (maybe too deep)

Today, we went to retrieve a broke down sled. We stumbled into some impressive snow. In between shuttling sleds, we dropped off a steep mountain into a foggy, thickly treed canyon. We were flat lost for a while. Changed our ETA slightly, err, a lot. With the help of the Polaris app, our BCA radios, and a lot of searching, we made it out! Funny now, concerning at the moment. Be safe out there! Here is some of our day.

Steamboat (Clark), Colorado

Had an excellent ride in Steamboat, Colorado this week. I left my camera running during lunch…the best riding BY FAR was after lunch. Typical crap with technology. It was unreal snow and terrain, but of course, wasn’t able to capture it on the Go Pro. You’ll have to settle for this. Enjoy watching a regular dude ride his sled!

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